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4 Answers

Flight Bag for 2 headsets, ipad mini, handheld, and miscellaneous small stuff?

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Hi - I recently got my SEL PPL and am excited about flying with my trusty E6B while actually using an ipad.  I *think* this is my list of essential gear that I'll be carrying and would appreciate recommendations on a flight bag: 2 headsets (1 for my wife), ipad mini, handheld radio, 2 small headlamps, spare batteries, pencil, emergency paper charts.  I've looked around for flight bag options, but most seem to have a lot of compartments that aren't oriented around my largest item - the headsets.  I'd like to keep this bag small and devoted to flying tasks.  When I travel, I'll have a separate bag for clothes, etc.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  



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4 Answers

  1. Tailwheel on Mar 07, 2017

    Look at Brightline bags. Their modular bag system is fantastic: you can make the bag as small or large as you like. Bare minimum would give you space for headset inside, plus handheld on one external pocket and a water bottle on another external pocket, with the front being useful for wallet, glasses, leatherman, pens, etc… I found out about them from a 91k pilot friend of mine in 2013, and I have used one ever since and love it. Their customer support is great and they stand by their product.

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  2. jeffreyhayes on Mar 07, 2017

    Thanks Tailwheel. I like the brightline concept, but to fit 2 headsets seems like I’ll need to up-size to one of their really big modules. I’ve emailed them though and am waiting to hear their suggestion.

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  3. Dave M on Mar 07, 2017

    I\’d second the brightline. The modular option is fantastic. When I travel, I just add a compartment to keep my travel stuff. When i get there, i remove the center compartments and just use the ends. Makes a great day bag that can I can carry my tablet with.

    I wouldn\’t get the large compartment, just get another smaller one to hold the extra headset. When solo, just leave that one at home. You could probably put both in one compartment without their cases, but they’d likely get scratched up.

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  4. jeffreyhayes on Mar 08, 2017

    I think there’s consensus! And brightline emailed me back with the right suggestion …

    “I think you’ll find that the B4 SWIFT would likely be what you’re looking for.

    The two headsets go inside the main compartment. The iPad can either go in the pocket on the back of the FLAT CAP REAR, or between the modules. (There is an inherent storage space that get created BETWEEN the FLAT CAP REAR and the CENTER SECTION FOUR, for example, when the two modules get zipped together. There, of course, is another one between the POCKET CAP FRONT and the CENTER SECTION FOUR.). The handheld radio will go inside the SIDE POCKET ALPHA. And all the other stuff will fit perfectly inside the three pockets on the POCKET CAP FRONT, as well as inside the SIDE POCKET CHARLIE.”

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