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hey my name is roy and i started a ifr training in the US under m1 visa and a forgien licence. i feel like my school is not telling me the all truth  so i wanna know exectly what are the requirments.

1. my school told me is not legal to train under part 61 on m1 visa. is it true?
2. what are the minimums before going for a check ride under part 61 and part 141? if i allready pass my written exam.
3.how many of those hours i can do in a autharized simulator?
4. can i change program and the hours still counts? and if i wanna change school and in the new school do it under part 61, is the hours still counteble?
5. if i wanna continue after the ifr to cpl, there is any diffrents requirmens if i did the ifr under part 61/141?
6. in the offer that they give me i need to do time building for the cpl, and my father got a cesna here in the us, is it legal to do the time building on his aircraft by my self and not on the school aircraft that they charge me for renting?they told me i have to do it on school aircrafts, but its just hours for my logbook so i dont understand why its ilegal??

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  1. 172Pilot on Feb 18, 2017

    They are correct. You may only train at a Part 141 school and ONLY with an F1 or M1 visa. You cannot count any Part 61 hours and that training MAY be in violation of the terms of your M1. Go to a Part 141 school in your area as they will be familiar with your particular requirements/limitations.

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