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2 Answers

Kennedy One Departure

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Kennedy One Departure

Text: http://charts.airportnavfinder.com/tpp/KJFK/00610KENNEDY_C.PDF

Graphic: https://www.globalair.com/dtpp/globalair_00610kennedy.pdf

For Breezy Point Climb, the charts states "Climbing left turn direct CRI VOR/DME, make turn east of CRI R-039, then via CRI R-223 to RNGRR/CRI 27 DME. Cross CRI 3 DME or JFK R-253 at or above 2500', maintain 5000', Thence..."

Could anybody parse "make turn east of CRI R-039, then via CRI R-223 to RNGRR/CRI 27 DME" here? 

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2 Answers

  1. Best Answer

    Jim F. on Feb 08, 2017

    JFK1 was a while back… It’s the JFK3 now, valid on Feb. 4th of last year.But the Breezy Point climb hasn’t changed in quite a while. The textual descriptions of these procedures are meant to make it clear, so let’s take it a few words at a time:

    “Climbing left turn direct CRI VOR/DME” We’ll do just that. After takeoff, we’ll turn left direct CRI

    “Make turn East of CRI R-039” We’ll have the 039 radial off of CRI tuned in (or depicted on our GPS), and we’ll ensure our turn direct to CRI is made soon and quickly enough to not let us cross that radial.

    “Remain within JFK 4.5 DME” We can have our DME tuned to JFK, and make sure we don’t let it hit 4.5. It it does, it means we’ve flown too far to the NW.

    “Then via CRI R-223 to RNGRR/CRI 27 DME” So we were flying direct to CRI. Once we cross, we will fly outbound on the 223 degree radial for 27 miles, which is the fix designated as RNGRR.

    We’ll then expect a vector from ATC prior to reaching RNGRR to a point further along our cleared route.

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  2. Lemontree on Feb 09, 2017

    Thank you for your help Jim. Now I get it. I had a hard time understanding “make turn East of CRI R-039. I thought it meant I needed to make a right turn toward the East once I reached the CRI VOR while not crossing over CRI R-039, which I believed ridiculous and also almost impossible, especially for commercial jets. Thank you again.

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