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Feeder route

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Hello. Could anyone clarify this for me? The IPH (pp. 4-17, 18) states "An aircraft that has been cleared to a holding fix and subsequently "cleared...approach," normally does not receive new routing. Even though clearance for the approach may have been issued prior to the aircraft reaching the holding fix, ATC would expect the pilot to proceed via the holding fix that was the last route, and the feeder route associated with that fix, if a feeder route is published on the approach chart, to the AIF to commence the approach."

Q1. When it refers to a "holding fix" here, it means the last fix of the route cleared in the flight plan. Correct?

Q2. When it states "An aircraft that has been cleared to a holding fix and subsequently cleared...approach, normally does not receive new routing," what exactly does it mean by "does not receive new routing."?


2 Answers

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    John D Collins on Jan 31, 2017

    If one is cleared to a fix,they are expected to enter a standard hold on course at that fix until a further clearance is received, unless there is a depicted hold at the fix, then they are expected to hold according to the chart.

    A feeder fix is a fix on an airway that is used to join the airway to the approach IAF, IOW transition from enroute guidance (typically an airway) to approach route guidance to an IAF. So if you are cleared to a fix and subsequently cleared for an approach, you are expected to follow the transition fix to the feeder route and on to the IAF to follow the approach procedure. Once cleared for the approach and on an airway, you may descend to the MEA and follow the feeder route and altitude to the IAF and continue the approach as specified on the chart. The only exception to this is if you are restricted by ATC to maintain a specific altitude until crossing a feeder fix.

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  2. Lemontree on Jan 31, 2017

    Thank you John.

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