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7 Answers

Aviation Headset Suggestions

Asked by: 7974 views Private Pilot

Do any of you who wear headsets all day, have input on David Clark H10-13s VS H10-13.4 VS Telex echelon 25xt VS David Clark H20-10

or any other light comfortable passive headset to buy


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7 Answers

  1. Maggot/CFII on Jan 01, 2011

    Look at a D. Clark 10-60, shop “ebay”, and look at the mike to
    make sure headset offered is not ancient.  Got very good deal
    on a new one well below retail.

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  2. Kent Shook on Jan 01, 2011

    IMHO, go for active noise reduction – You cannot replace your hearing! I used a passive headset during primary instruction to save money, but I ended up buying an ANR headset later on anyway because the passive headset’s clamping force would cause a headache after about 1.5 hours of flight. ANR headsets not only protect your hearing, they are MUCH more comfortable. 
    Now, that’s not to say you can’t get a good headset for a reasonable price. I’m not saying you should go and buy a Bose or Zulu right away! But, I’ve had several people that had great results with this headset available from Gulf Coast Avionics or Pacific Coast Avionics:
    It’s essentially a Lightspeed QFR Solo with ANR for $249.00. Lightspeed doesn’t sell anything like this directly, though. Anyway, this is a pretty comfortable headset with ANR, music and phone connectivity. That should mean you won’t be wanting a new headset for a long time. 

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  3. Shannon Coleman on Jan 02, 2011

    I used DC H10-13.4S for years.  I wore them for several hours a day while towing banners and now while instructing.  They aren’t bad, but do tend to get tight by the end of the day (the old head vice).  I added Oregon Aero earseals years ago and that helped a lot.
    Last year, I upgraded my DC’s with Headset Inc.’s ANR kit.  LOVE the ANR!  I’ve also used the ANR in H10-60s.  I’ve also tried DRE 6001s and other DC style brands.  My personal thoughts are that it comfort is more a function of the quality of the earseals than anything else.  I really like the newer, thicker gel earseals.
    IMHO, invest in some ANRs with a flex boom mike and gel earseals.  If you don’t like them, upgrade the earseals later.

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  4. Micah on Jan 03, 2011

    I’ve worn the DC H20s 8+ for years and these are absolutely excellent.  The fit is certainly superior to older models (although those who wear the H13s don’t usually complain) and because of the superior fit I’ve never thought these were heavy.
    Kent’s suggestion on the ANR is a good suggestion.  A good headset is an excellent investment.  The Bose are very popular, but you should also check out the DC ANR (x11).  I’ve never worn Lightspeed, but these are reported to work very well.
    The problem with headsets, it seems, is that there are few good ways to try one out.  Unless you can borrow a set to test, you’re going to test it after you buy it.  Also, I’ve had excellent customer service from David Clark; my experience with a student’s brother-in-law, who drove over my old H20s in his SUV, provided me a much less satisfying experience.

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  5. SkyBoy98046 on Jan 15, 2011

    The lightspeed Zulu is the best, for quality verses price. I enjoy mine. Bluetooth allow for cell phone and iPod integration wirelessly. The best/most affordable NR headset out there. Try one, it’s as good as the Bose with more features and less pricey. Otherwise, David Clark on standard headsets. The only way to go. From a 20 year pilot.

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  6. Earl Kessler on Jan 17, 2011

    I choked 10 years ago and paid for a Bose headset.  Your hearing is precious and you need all the best protection you can get, especially if you fly frequently.  Like any other tools, buy the best and use them for life.

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  7. Heather McNevin on Jan 30, 2011

    I like my clarity aloft lightweight headsets.  They have great hearing protection, hearing aid speakers for clear radio communication, a noise cancelling mic, and are very lightweight.  If you don’t need a TSO, go for their cheaper model, its just as good but without the TSO.

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