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3 Answers

When flying RNAV approach

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When I flew the RNAV approach for the first time, I remember my final course is 162 but G1000 indicating 164, difference of 2 degrees.

Is G1000 correcting by itself for variation or something else?

All I know about the chart is that it is based off the magnetic north...

Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you !



3 Answers

  1. Dan on Nov 20, 2016

    See AIM page 1-1-28

    l. Impact of Magnetic Variation on RNAV
    1. Differences may exist between charted
    magnetic courses on ground-based navigational aid
    (NAVAID) instrument flight procedures (IFP), area
    navigation (RNAV) procedures, and RNAV systems
    on enroute charts, approach charts, and Standard
    Instrument Departure/Standard Terminal Arrival
    (SID/STAR) charts.

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  2. Best Answer

    Russ Roslewski on Nov 20, 2016

    There are many different ways to account for magnetic variation, and that allows for some differences between sources.

    Just keep in mind that it effectively doesn’t matter. The starting and ending coordinates are fixed, so whether it says the course between them is 162 or 164 or some other close number, you’re still flying the same ground track.

    Of course, if it says the course is 046 or something like that, time to check and make sure you didn’t enter something wrong!

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  3. connor on Nov 20, 2016

    Thank you.

    My another question is that, does G1000 use true bearing/course when we try to hold at or direct to the fix ?


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