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IFR Flight Planning: Notams

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I fly a WAAS GPS equipped single engine airplane. I get the Notams for the airports where I plan to take off or land at the FAA website https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov/PilotWeb/.  That seems to work well as far as covering the airport Notams.

What additional Notams I should get for my flights and what would be a practical way of obtaining them? My Notam searches often result in considerably long lists of Notams in which most Notams are not applicable to my flight. It is also important to me that the Notams are provided in ‘report’ format rather than ‘raw’ format to facilitate interpretation.


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3 Answers

  1. Skyfox on Nov 03, 2016

    You would definitely want to get FDC Notams “which are regulatory in nature, issued to establish restrictions to flight or to amend charts or published instrument approach procedures (IAPs).” [FAA-H-8083-15B]

    It would also be a good idea to get ATC delay/flow control advisories. And while a lot of Notams don’t apply to your flight, I would recommend at least skimming them to make sure the ones included in the report won’t apply to anything relating to your flight, including any possible alternate you may list for your IFR flight.

    As far as getting the plain language briefings instead of the raw information, if you use DUATS you can get everything in plain language instead of coded. (I personally prefer the raw coded information since that’s what I started training with 21 years ago.)

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  2. Charles22 on Nov 03, 2016

    Thanks for your reply.

    On the FAA website https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov/PilotWeb/, if I type the identifier of an airport in the ‘Notam Retrieval’ box or in the ‘Flight Path Search’ Box and then I click on ‘View Notams’, the displayed Notams include the applicable FDC Notams. I believe that the above FAA website covers the airport Notams adequately.

    My concern is about the additional Notams that may apply to the flight. Skimming through a list of many and many Notams that some flight planning websites for a given flight provide may result in missing something that is important to the flight. Is there any practical and reliable way to identify the Notams applicable to a flight that are not included in the airport Notams?


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  3. Mark Unruh on Nov 05, 2016

    The only place that I have found that gives me just the right amount of Notams for my flight, this includes surrounding Notams for diversions, is to use fltplan.com. Try it out and let me know what you think, enter a new flight plan and then on the second page click the request wx button and it has a list of Notams for your flight. I now use Forflight and I wish they would do the same.

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