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Commercial flying for older people – what are the opportunities

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Hi there, I am 58 and just sold my business. I have always been a keen private aviator with Multi-engine & instrument ratings and about 500 hrs TT. I'm also medically in great shape and fit.

I would be keen to understand the opportunities open for me if I completed Commercial / ATPL qualifications. 

If any, where would best opportunities be ? Single Pilot Regionals?, Corp flying? Rotary?

Who would be open to employing someone like me at my age? 

Where do I start looking?



1 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Oct 07, 2016

    Age is working against you. I know. I am 66.

    I doubt that any airline would hire you because they would be looking for some return on the investment that they would be making in training you. 61.3(j) has an age limit of 60 for flights that would take place in international airspace (such as flying from Minneapolis to New York or from Tampa to Houston). You could fly until 65 with a 2 man crew.

    Getting the Commercial (if you don’t already have it) would not be too difficult, but getting a Multi-engine ATP would break the bank. Unless some operator is footing the bill, you would need to lay out big bucks for 6 hours of training in a level C or D simulator that represents a ME Turbine airplane with a MTOW > 40,000 pounds.

    Corporate flying would also likely not be an option.

    You didn’t say if you owned your own airplane.

    You could get your Commercial and do sight-seeing rides. Just need drug testing and an LOA, which is simple to obtain. You could to photo flights or pipeline patrol.

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