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3 Answers

Instructor flying hour is countable or not for commercial fleet ?

Asked by: 837 views Commercial Pilot

Hi I am planing to take admission in academy of aeronautics Montreal Canada and after getting my CPL  , I can work there as an flight instructor to earn 1500 flying  hours to unfreeze my ATPL, can any body tell me will these 1500 flying hour experience as an flight instructor it will be accept by any airline and to get me the job in airline for commercial fleet?


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3 Answers

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    Nascr1Arrival on Aug 25, 2016

    Without giving away who I am, I am familiar with Canadian regs. It sounds like you haven’t started your training yet, so I’m going to try to clarify a couple things. The number one thing that answers your question is that only a commercial licence is required to fly as a first officer for an airline in Canada or any country other than the US. You don’t need atp minimums to be hired like in the U.S. Yes, having more hours will make you a better candidate for a job. The other thing I want to point out is that you will need a separate licence to teach as a flight instructor. This will require a separate test from the commercial licence. I think you should talk to this flight school you are planning on doing your training with and really become familiar with the licencing process. It sounds like a pilot mill that just wants your money. If you don’t have a plan for your training, they might just make your money disappear. You are in control of your training and your career.

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  2. shoeb on Aug 25, 2016

    Thanks for the reply,(unknown friend ), , what i understood i have CPL than i am all set to became a pilot , yes it depend on interview and test if i have more flying hours than it is like topping on Delicious food.
    flying academy which i am going to join for CPL they will allow us to fly there fleet as an instructor and cadet will be paid for it . according to them till 1500 hour we can be with them . please suggest will it be good choice or i will not accept to work as flight instructor as i had doubt than no airline will be interested in you since you have not experience to fly big fleet.

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  3. Nascr1Arrival on Aug 28, 2016

    That is the reason why American pilots should not need to have their atp to fly for an airline. Flying in circles as a flight instructor does nothing to prepare you to fly a regional jet. These idiot families from Buffalo went to congress and lobied for higher minimum hours for first officers. I’d say the earlier you can get into a jet the better. Go work for a Canadian airline. Also you might want to work on your English. I don’t know what country you’re from, but pretty much every airline pilot in the world has to speak English well.

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