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Career Flight Instructor – The Safe Way?

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Flight Instructor

Hello there,

After I got my private a few years back I’ve been debating whether to go further in my training. The only career which I would enjoy is that of a flight instructor (and competition aerobatics but good luck getting paid to do that!)  I’m currently a military avionics instructor and have been for a few years now so I know that I like teaching day in/day out and must be at least decent for not being fired. My aspirations are a bit narrow I’m afraid but I want to be a career flight instructor, specialize in mountain flying, tail wheel, upset recovery/spin and aerobatics. Private pilots would be my favorite but I would teach all the certifications just fine. Eventually own my own Super D and be my own boss would be the end goal.

I know how unstable the career can be and how little the pay is so if I go this route I want to be smart. Need a plan with a good career to do on the side that will give me enough income and flexible hours. I’m looking for something that would supplement my income enough to make ends meet, nothing extravagant but enough to eventually stop renting apartments. Also because the flying would be done in the north western states the career has be viable out there.


Suggestions? Success stories? Things to avoid? All appreciated!


Thanks you!

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1 Answers

  1. Russ Roslewski on Jun 15, 2016

    So you’re asking what’s a good idea for a:

    – side job
    – flexible hours
    – good income

    Jess, EVERYBODY is looking for that job!

    But really, your question is a little too broad since we know nothing of you interests or skills other than flying and avionics instruction. What do YOU like to do?

    With the word “flexible” you’re implying self-employment.

    I know people with self-employed part time jobs in real estate investing, yard maintenance, accounting, carpet cleaning, auto detailing, magazine columnist, photography, all kinds of stuff. However, in general, a “self employed” business where you make a comfortable income takes years to develop and is hardly “part time”. More like “double time”!

    However, you don’t want a side job doing something you hate. Again, what do YOU enjoy doing?

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