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6 Answers

G1000 buttonology – how to efficiently change airport and approach on the go?

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This scenario comes up in IFR training: you complete a low approach at one airport, go missed, and then must transition quickly to another approach AT A DIFFERENT airport.Ā  What is the most efficient sequence for setting up the next approach on the G1000?Ā  (Let's assume that this is being done as we go, with turbulence and foggles, while following instructions to change heading and altitude, and no time to enter a flight plan ahead of time)

The following works, but requires a lot of buttons, it's cumbersome, and time consuming - most G1000 tasks are much easier or there are valuable shortcuts:

  • menu -> delete current flight plan
  • direct -> enter new airport
  • PROC-> select approach


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6 Answers

  1. ack19104 on Apr 17, 2016

    For example – is there a path making use of the “nearest” menu that can get you all the way to activating an approach?

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  2. Mark Kolber on Apr 18, 2016

    It has been a while since I have flown with G1000 (answering since no one has taken it up) but. if I recall correctly, you can do what you describe in your initial post without deleting the current flight plan. Direct to the new airport and hit the PROC button to select the approach.

    You can use NRST as a way of locating the airport but I think you will still need to make it a destination by hitting Dā†’ or adding it to the flight plan manually.

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  3. Mouhcine Souabni on Apr 18, 2016

    Good afternoon,

    First off, no need to delete the current flight guy plan. The ” active flight plan” and ” direct to” navigation are two separate means of navigation.

    I would highly recommend the Max Trescott G1000 guide for more thorough knowledge of the g1000 functions

    What I would recommend:

    Step 1- direct to the approach destination

    Two methods are quick enough ( each option should take you about 1.5 to 2seconds to complete the entire process)

    1) Nearest, which always displays the nearest 25 airports that fit the criteria set on the MFD AUX folder, Setup page.

    Select Nearest soft key –> scroll down using the big FMS knob to highlight the airport–> Select Direct Enter ( confirm) Enter

    2) select Direct and move the small FMS Knob LEFT, instead of preselecting K for you it will open up a list, which you can further move through by moving the small FMS knob right, two useful lists here: Nearest ( this is one other way of accessing it, and the most useful Recent( shows all the recent airports,fixes and an aids you have recently used- which will be the ones you need).

    Practice these on the ground first!!! Preferably on a G1000 desktop trainer or FTD.

    Lastly, selecting the approach is done through the PROC key as you have been doing, only tip I can give you is, if you don’t have a lot of time and you need to LOAD( flying it later, using different source of navigation now) or ACTIVATE( flying the approach now) you can set your minimums later, using the Timer/Reference softkey.

    Then A B C , ATIS BRIEFING CHECKLIST( descent/ approach and before landing,when appropriate)

    But don’t forget to complete your climb and cruise checks after the Misses šŸ˜›

    Good luck to you!

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  4. Mouhcine Souabni on Apr 18, 2016

    Correction in spelling:

    Current flight plan*

    Fixes and navaids*

    After the Missed*

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  5. ack19104 on Apr 18, 2016

    Sounds good – will definitely try. I wish my G1000 sim always operated exactly as the one in my plane, though. Seems that key sequences I practice in the sim just do not always give me the same options.

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  6. Mark Kolber on Apr 19, 2016

    I wish my G1000 sim always operated exactly as the one in my plane
    Keep in mind two things.

    First, there are variations based on the manufacturer of the airplane. A G1000 in a Diamond Star operates a bit differently than in a 172. Second, there are firmware and software updates that won;t be reflected in any sim.

    But most of the changes involve additional features or type-speciic features. I don’t think the buttonology of adding a new airport with Direct and being able to load an approach for it is one of those that has been removed.

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