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6 Answers


Asked by: 989 views Flight Instructor

Can a instructor who has a SEL CFII and MEL ATP give a MEL IPC

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6 Answers

  1. Mark Kolber on Mar 10, 2016

    No. A CFI acting as as authorized instructor is limited to aircraft in which the instructor has

    “A pilot certificate and flight instructor certificate with the applicable category and class rating” 61.195.

    An ATP confers no instructional authority except within the confines of an airline’s own training program.

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  2. DEBarker278 on Mar 10, 2016

    Mark that’s a good answer but it leads me to other questions.
    Is giving a IPC considered instruction or examination?

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  3. Mark Kolber on Mar 11, 2016

    There are those who claim it is instruction. There are those who claim it is a checkride performed by a CFI. Either way is is an CFI privilege and CFIs may only perform FAA functions in accordance with their certificates and limitations so, to me (and I’ll bet the FAA) it doesn’t matter.

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  4. DEBarker278 on Mar 12, 2016

    Thanks to the government for being so clear on it’s rulings. The DPE that gave my husband his CFII said he had a interpretation that stated as long as the CFI wasn’t giving instruction then it was OK to give a IPC.
    Too many opinions and not enough rulings.

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  5. Mark Kolber on Mar 13, 2016

    I have found through the years that DPE don’t have the detailed knowledge of the FAR may pilots expect them to. A DPE being mistaken is not quite the same as the FAA being unclear.

    How’s this for clarity?

    § 61.193(a) states that a CFI is authorized to give appropriate endorsements that relate to” an instrument rating only “within the limitations of that person’s flight instructor certificate”. Therefore, only a certified instrument flight instructor (CFII), who holds an instrument rating on his or her flight instructor certificate, which is appropriate to the category and class of the aircraft for which the instrument proficiency check is being conducted in, is authorized to endorse for passing that instrument proficiency check.
    -2008 Griffith interpretation: http://1.usa.gov/22b2sGu

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  6. Mark Kolber on Mar 13, 2016

    I’m going to correct myself on that last post.

    If the DPE said that before 2009, he may have been correct. The FAA itself was split, even in official documents.

    The prevailing view was that CFI-I with only an single-engine aircraft rating, or no aircraft rating at all, could give instrument training in a MEL so long as the CFI had at an MEL rating on a commercial certificate. There was a bit of fun as Flight Standards and the Chief Counsel’s office expressed opposite views. I know of at least one certificate action brought against a commercial ASEL/AMEL with singe engine and instrument ratings on the CFI certificate for teaching instruments in a multi. It had to be dropped.

    Anyway, in 2009, the FAA amended the FAR. While folks can and do argue whether the language really said anything different, the bottom line was, the purpose of the change was to “clarify” that the exercise of flight instructor privileges depends on their instructor ratings, both as to aircraft category/class ratings and instrument ratings.

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