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helicopter atp practical test endorsement/proficiency questions

Asked by: 1433 views FAA Regulations

I meet all the aeronautical experience requirements to get my helo atp.  I was looking through the regs to see if there are any endorsements or training requirements prior to the practical test.  correct me if I'm wrong but I dont' see any.  so all I need is the knowlege test complete and my logbook to prove the aeronautical experience?

also when reading the "flight proficiency" 61.157 it talks about taking the practical test.  subpart (f) proficiency and competency checks conducted under part 135 .

I work for a part 135 operator  - is subpart F saying that my 135.293 and 135.297 annual checkride would count as the practical test for my ATP so long as it is conducted by one of the evaluators listed in 61.157(f)(2) (the very next sentence)?

what's confusing to me is that it's calling it a proficiency and competency check instead of a practical test, which I'm assuming is because part 135 calls the 293 a competency check and 297 a proficiency check.

thanks in advance




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3 Answers

  1. Robert Jankowski on Mar 20, 2016

    Per AC 61.65f (edited for relevance and clarity)

    25. ATP CERTIFICATION. Specific knowledge, flight proficiency, flight experience, and
    endorsement requirements for an ATP Certificate, including a restricted privileges ATP
    Certificate, are located in part 61 subpart G.

    b. Instructor Recommendation. An instructor recommendation is not required, unless the applicant has failed the practical test and is retesting. Applicants for retest must comply with the appropriate retest requirements of § 61.49. In addition, the instructor must sign the applicant’s FAA Form 8710-1 application for the retest.

    It would probably be wise to go up and work with an instructor for the maneuvers covered in the ATP ride, however it does not appear to be a requirement to do so.

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  2. Robert Jankowski on Mar 20, 2016

    As to your second part, it does appear in my reading that a successful
    1)121.441 check ride
    2) §135.293(a)(2) and §135.293(b) and §135.297

    would qualify you for the issuance of the ATP certificate provided the examiner is:

    (i) An FAA Aviation Safety Inspector.

    (ii) An Aircrew Program Designee who is authorized to perform proficiency and/or competency checks for the air carrier whose approved training program has been satisfactorily completed by the pilot applicant.

    (iii) A Training Center Evaluator with appropriate certification authority who is also authorized to perform the portions of the competency and/or proficiency checks required by paragraph (f)(1) of this section for the air carrier whose approved training program has been satisfactorily completed by the pilot applicant.

    Interesting, I never knew about the 135 or 121 checks qualifying a person for the ATP certificate.

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  3. Mike O on Mar 21, 2016

    Thanks, that’s how I read it too but wasn’t really sure. I never realized it either until I started to look into it.

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