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5 Answers

Fuel Pump

Asked by: 1294 views Aircraft Systems

Regarding airplanes with fuel injected engines, when performing maneuvers (steep turns, stalls, etc....) it is common practice to place the boost/aux fuel pump in the "ON" position. However,  I have not seen any POH for any airplane manufacturer that states or supports to place the boost/aux fuel pump "ON" when performing maneuvers other than boost/aux fuel pump should be "ON" for takeoff and landing.

Why is it common practice to place boost/aux fuel pump "ON" when performing maneuvers?


Thanks for the feedback.


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5 Answers

  1. Russ Roslewski on Feb 11, 2016

    Where is it “common practice”? I have never done this nor heard of it. If by “common practice” you mean at the school you trained at, then you’d need to ask them.

    Sounds like a local policy to me.

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  2. Dan Chitty on Feb 11, 2016


    Yes, a local flight school follows this procedure. I asked the school why but no one can provide specific logic yet the POH makes no mention to follow this procedure when performing maneuvers.

    I looked at random at various flight school procedures around the USA whom of which have procedures posted on the internet and they also mention fuel pump “ON” for maneuvers.

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  3. Nascr1Arrival on Feb 14, 2016

    I could see turning on the pump during stalls. If you are simulating a landing or takeoff stall you could turn the pump on to be completely in a landing or takeoff configuration if your checklist calls for it. Just a thought.

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  4. Parth on Feb 15, 2016

    Even though poh doesn’t ask u to do it, I turn fuel pump on during pre maneuver checklist.
    The logic is as follows.
    1) engine pump is run by engine so if during power off stalls when engine is idle, fuel pump is also running at low rpm. Even though it can still keep positive pressure in lines it’s better to have backup electric pump ready Since u will be getting some positive and negative or zero gs during maneuver.
    2)engine failure in fuel pump system equippedairplanes is mainly due to engine pump failure. So when u r doing maneuver u r in most critical attitudes altitudes and power settings. it’s better to hv electric pump ready to supply if engine pump fails. In cruise flight u hv altitude and time to react. But during maneuvers and tk off landing u r in critical phases. So better to hv back up ready.

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  5. Dan Chitty on Feb 15, 2016

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. Good insight. Much appreciated.

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