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2 Answers

Requirements to add Sport Pilot CFI to CFIG

Asked by: 6204 views Flight Instructor

I am a CFIG with a Sport Pilot rating and wish to begin instructing in a Light Sport SEL I have over 100 hours in Light Sport SEL, 1500 hours in gliders and over 25 hours cross country SEL  What other requirements do I need? Also, I own a Light Sport EAB, can I instruct in that? Thanks, Jeff  

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2 Answers

  1. LTCTerry on Feb 01, 2016


    I am in the same boat (glider?) as you. I have a CFIG and would eventually like to instruct in LSA Airplanes, too.

    Your CFIG includes the privileges of CFIS. Since you already have the LSA airplane rating, I believe you have a two-step process – 1) fly/train with one instructor for a recommendation to 2) fly with an additional instructor to complete an 8710-1.


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  2. AZ_CFI on Jun 28, 2016


    Terry pretty much hit it on the head, I\’d like to add to his reply if I may.

    We\’ve recently had two transitioning CFIGs added to our instructor list for our school. One is a \”pure glider guy\” (no other pilot categories) and the other is a CFIG with Commercial Single Engine Land- Airplane ratings.

    For you \”pure glider\” folks, you need to first get qualified as a Sport Pilot in the new category (Airplane in this case) that you wish to instruct. This requires you to fly with an instructor to proficiency, then complete a \”Proficiency Check\” with another Airplane CFI, Sport Pilot Instructor, or DPE. The DPE, however, is not required in this case because you are doing an \”add-on\”. No knowledge test required. This is simply a checkride in which you fly to the standards and an 8710-11 application is submitted to the FAA making you a bonafide Light Sport Airplane Pilot.
    Once you are qualified in the respective category, then you can begin training to add-on the Sport Pilot- Airplane instructor privileges to your existing CFI certificate. Again, train to proficiency, then do a \”proficiency check\” with another Airplane CFI, Sport Pilot Instructor, or DPE. A DPE is not required for \”Add-on\” rating as you would be doing. DPEs are only required for initial pilots/instructors, but I have found that Sport Pilot DPEs are very knowledgeable and will be a HUGE help navigating the paperwork making the overall transition a little easier.

    The pilot with CFIG and Airplane ratings (but not holding an airplane CFI) Needed only to do the instructor add-on part (train to proficiency, then conduct the Proficiency Check) as he is already an airplane pilot and held an instructor certificate.

    I hope this helps, might be little late to be of help to you, but I just joined this site today

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