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3 Answers

DP confusion. Turn left or right?

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FAA Regulations, Instrument Rating

Please take a look at the MIA5 depatarture from KOPF. (Download from AirNav if you do not have it) The instructions seem in conflict. Specifically, suppose you are taking off RW 270R and want the WINCO transition. The textual instructions are:

  1. climb heading 273°, thence....
  2. ....maintain 2000 or higher altitude and expect vectors to appropriate transition. Expect further clearance to filed altitude 10 minutes after departure.
OK - that is straightforward essentially runway heading to vectors to WINCO. However, there is a third text segment on page 2 regarding the WINCO: "From over DHP VORTAC on DHP R-322 to WINCO INT" DHP is a LEFT turn from OPF and would take the airplane directly across the KMIA departure / arrival paths; WINCO is a right turn. Which is it? What do I do in lost comm? Why do they have "from over DHP" I would expect the instruction to be "climb heading 273° to intercept DHP R-322 to WINCO"      

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3 Answers

  1. John D Collins on Jan 04, 2016

    The transition terminology effectively defines the route to be along the 322 DHP radial or V97-521. This is a vector SID and as such you can’t file the SID or the ATC computer will reject it. See the note: “File DP in remarks section of flightplan”.

    91.185 states (1) Route.
    (i) By the route assigned in the last ATC clearance received;
    (ii) If being radar vectored, by the direct route from the point of radio failure to the fix, route, or airway specified in the vector clearance;

    In a lost Com situation and assuming you are being vectored to WINCO, you would be expected to fly direct to WINCO. If you were not RNAV equipped, you would intercept the 322 radial, proceed to WINCO and continue along your route. If your vector clearance was to intercept V97 WINCO, then regardless of equipment you would follow those instructions.

    You would not fly to DHP under any circumstance unless you were specifically cleared to it or you were being vectored to DHP.

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  2. ghogue on Jan 04, 2016

    In addition to what John explained, remember that those instructions apply to all the runways listed in the SID, not just Rwy 27R.

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  3. jeff on Jan 05, 2016

    That DP is used at several of the Miami area airports. Just prior to take off, the tower will assign you an initial heading. In the event you lost comm, you would hold that heading until you intercept the 322 Course to WINCO. You can do this either using the DHP 322 radial or the OBS feature of your GPS. In no case do you fly direct to DHP.

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