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4 Answers

No CFI endorsement section on my student pilot certificate

Asked by: 4048 views Student Pilot

I recently received my third-class medical and student pilot certificate from my AME. The only problem is I don't see a section anywhere for my CFI to endorse it. Do I need to go back to the AME and get this part of the certificate?

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4 Answers

  1. Matthew Waugh on Dec 12, 2010

    It’s “on the back” – now if you got a new fangled computerized certificate it’s not really on the back, it’s on the bit that would be in the back but it’s really printed next to it.
    IFF you have a student pilot certificate – I believe it should actually say “STUDENT PILOT CERTIFICATE” on it somewhere – if it doesn’t say that then the AME messed up (or somebody messed up, a box was not checked)  and gave you a medical certificate.
    The AME may be able to fix it – but they may have to give you a “new medical exam”, that is to say you’ll have to go through the process all over again, depending on who messed up. The FSDO can issue you a student pilot certificate (that is not a medical) and I don’t know if AMEs can issue just a student pilot certificate – I doubt it, but I don’t know. At a minimum, if the AME messed up they should do it for free. But if it was a computerized medical then I suspect you didn’t check the right boxes and so you’re at the mercy of the AME.
    Best path for a solution – understand what happened, call the FSDO and explain and see what they say.

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  2. Wesley Beard on Dec 13, 2010

    DPE’s can also issue student pilot certificates.  Instead of calling the FSDO, I would get in touch with the DPE your school uses and have him give you one.  You will need to fill out a 8710 application which your instructor can help you with.

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  3. Matthew Waugh on Dec 13, 2010

    Ahhh – DPE’s – brilliant advice. I’d only completely left out the people who probably issue the most certificates in the country!
    Thanks Wesley!

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  4. Jake Minesinger on Aug 19, 2011

    My student has presented me a medical certificate (form 8500-9).  What is the difference between the yellow Student certificate and this medical form?  I think he needs the student certificate, but can’t find the regulation to back it up.  Would endorsing the back of his medical certificate suffice for solo flight? It seems to have the same information except for the back, for make and model sign off. 

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