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Flat Spin RB57a

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My father died piloting a R B 57 A on Apr 4, 1957.   He was at 20 k feet when he declared an emergency.  He reported the loss of an engine and icing and could not maintain altitude.  There were heavy thunderstorms as a front was passing through the Southeast.  His position was 25 mi NE of Kiesler.  The Radio operator told him Kiesler was below minimums and had no ground control approach.  He turned his attention to Brickley Field , Mobile.  While Kiesler checked the weather there , he went down in a flat spin 12 nautical miles north of Van Cleave Ms.  No radio contact was made after the operator changed frequencies to check the weather.  The aircraft was found with the pilot still strapped in.  The rt. throttle was moderately advanced and the left retarded.  The rudder was in full rt position.  No explosive canopy squibs were blown and the ejection pin was still seated.   Was such a spin recoverable?  How much did icing and loss of an engine likely contribute to the spin.  Capt. Dalton had 4300 hours flight time a year of which was as a Navy Instructor.  He had 35 missions ww2 in B24 and 55 missions Korea in a B 26.  He had many hours in the Jets of the day: F86d , F100,  F 84 and had 57 hours in the b 57 A and B.  He had recent 27 hours on IFR in this aircraft.  I can't find much about spins in the B 57.  This one had taken off with full tanks and wing tanks.      

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