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Missed Approach Procedue at Aspen, Colorado (ASE)

Posted by on January 30, 2008 0 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

We had a great question on the forum tonight about shooting the MAP in Aspen, Colorado.


The missed approach procedure for this approach has you turn around and intercept the inbound localizer outbound (the back course of the inbound localizer) I know that when flying a back course inbound, you can set the HSI to the front couse and get normal sensing, but if you are flying outbound on the inbound localizer(the back course outbound, do you set the HSI to the outbound course( 300 on the Aspen missed approach or the inbound of 120 to get normal sensing?) Thanks.

Well, I thought a great way to answer this question would be to show you this approach by flying it!

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