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Am flying FSX ILS into chicago ohare runway 32l 0n 108.950 and my 737 does not catch the glidescope for the specified runway. What gives or what did I miss or is the frquency not inputed correctly on Nav 1 ?

2 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Jun 25, 2015

    I suspect that you are flying a computer simulation rather than a 737.

    First, there is no current procedure for runway 32L at O’Hare.

    Second, the term is “glideslope”, not “glidescope”.

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  2. Dauntless Aviation - simplates.com on Jun 25, 2015

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) uses by default what is at this point a somewhat outdated set of frequencies and NAVAIDs (though by my rough estimation, at least 95% are still more or less good). These can probably be updated through a number of third party tools.

    However, barring that, you can find out the ILS frequency that FSX has programmed in for any given ILS/runway by going to the map view, scrolling to the airport / finding the picture of the ILS “beam” and I think if you click or mouse over it it will give you FSX’s frequency for it.

    As you get more serious about instrument flying using FSX or similar flight simulator entertainment products (such as X-Plane), you might want to start using real-world approach plates as you fly. If you only fly occasionally and in the USA, you can get approach plates from the US government websites by doing a google search for “digital terminal publications.” If you fly more often or want to experience sim flight outside of the USA, please have a look at our SimPlates product (www.simplates.com). It includes by far the largest collection of entertainment-use approach plates for worldwide flight sims. It also includes the full set of USA plates – while we advertise that we don’t guarantee that simplates is always up to date, in practice we have structured it so that the FAA plates inside of simplates update essentially with the official cycles. Simplates is avaialble for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android.

    A friendly reminder that simplates is for flight simulation entertainment use and should not be used for real world flight planning or navigation.

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