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WAAS Channels

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On LPV and LP approach charts I've noticed there's a WAAS Chanel, for example 58327, followed some letters and numbers, example W04A. Is there any meaning behind the actual WAAS channel numbers or are they randomly picked? When flying a LPV or LP approach am I supposed to check if the specific WAAS approach channel number is in the GPS? I was flying with a Garmin 430W and I couldn't find the WAAS channel number in the GPS. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right place. Any ideas? Thanks

1 Answers

  1. John D Collins on Jun 05, 2015

    WAAS channels are assigned to all WAAS approaches. It is somewhat like a frequency. On a GNS430W if you press PROC it will highlight the choice “Select Approach?”. Press ENT, Then press MENU. Move the cursor to “Select Approach Chnl?”. Press ENT and then enter the 5 digit numeric channel number to select the approach procedure. For example if you enter 66002 you will see in the display window:

    RNAV 05

    The W05A is the symbol for WAAS RWY 5 choice A

    Press ENT to accept and continue with the selection of where to join the approach.

    The one you referenced 58327 is for:

    I69 GR LKS USA
    RNAV 04

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