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Ok , i have a question .  As a future student pilot but getting the ground part of it done now , i see a reference to ground maneuvers but no description of what that is. The far's do not define what ground maneuvers are either in the pre solo or private checkrides.Also the far's do not  define  what actually make makes up a cross country, for the instrument rating  is it  25 or  50?  I know the instrument is a little advanced for me right now  but still filling it away for future knowledge.

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1 Answers

  1. John D Collins on May 25, 2015

    First let me welcome you as a future pilot.

    The FAR’s don’t include every detail about everything. The FAA has written several training books, Advisory Circulars, and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM). The latter two always have a variation of the following statement in the introductory material (this one is from the AIM):

    This publication, while not regulatory, provides information which reflects examples of operating techniques and procedures which may be requirements in other federal publications or regulations. It is made available solely to assist pilots in executing their responsibilities required by other publications.

    So, you need to read and study the other materials, However, the FAR contains several sections that most pilots ignore, that is section 1.1 Definitions and to answer your specific question about cross country requirements for the purposes of a pilot certificate or rating, section 61.1(b) Cross Country time means … describes what each relevant type of rating and aircraft requires. I will leave it to you as an exercise to answer your own question.

    A quick summary is that according to

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