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What happens when my written test expires?

Posted by on November 22, 2008 0 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog Tags : , ,

Just received another good question from Todd who asks:

I passed my IFR written and failed the checkride. The written expires in a few days. Is it extended until I re-take the flight test?

Well Todd, I might have some bad news for you.  Your practical test must be completed within 24 calendar months of the completion of your written test.

I looked through the Designated Pilot Examiners’ Handbook, the Practical Test Standards and of course the FARs looking for an exception for you but couldn’t find anything to help you out. The only exception that I did find for this rule is found in 61.39(b) which allows an applicant to take the ATP practical with an expired written so long as he or she is employed by a 121, 125, or 135 carrier (with some further requirements).

The same FAR (61.39) makes it pretty clear when that the knowledge (written) test is to be done:

Pass the required knowledge test within the 24-calendar-month period preceding the month the applicant completes the practical test, if a knowledge test is required;

So hurry up and complete your practical before your written expires!  Once you get that instrument rating be sure to…

Fly Safe!

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