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4 Answers

Loud engine noise and no squelch

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Aircraft Systems, Light Sport Aircraft

I started flying in a Cessna C-162 Skycatcher LSA that doesn't have a volume knob or squelch control on the intercom. The engine noise bleeds through the headsets. My instructor started turning the intercom off when he isn't speaking. That helps a great deal, but when I make radio calls they are garbled with engine noise.
I'm using a LightSpeed QFR. If we use ANR headsets we don't have this problem. I adjusted the gain on my QFR headset per Lightspeed's recommendation and I'm still having the problem. I'm going to order the Zulu. I'll need to get a headset that I can give to my passengers when they ride with me. Will I have to order another ANR headset or is there another solution here? Also, the FBO doesn't plan on upgrading the intercom.
Thanks for any help on this issue,

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4 Answers

  1. Jason Schappert on Oct 30, 2010

    Sounds like the Zulu might just be the best bet if the school wont upgrade your intercom. This is a common problem however as I have a hard time hearing a friend who also has a 162.

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  2. Best Answer

    Kent Shook on Oct 30, 2010

    I’ve never found an airplane that has no way to control the squelch – And this is no exception – But often it’s very difficult to find HOW to control the squelch.

    There are two possible setups for the intercom on the Skycatcher. One is to use the built-in intercom functionality of the Garmin SL40 radio, the other is the optional PS Engineering PM3000 intercom.

    Since the PM3000 has a dedicated squelch knob, I’m guessing you have just the SL40. On the SL40, to adjust the radio squelch you just pull the volume knob. However, the intercom squelch is more difficult to get to:

    1) Hold the MON button for 3 seconds to get to the System Function menu.
    2) Rotate the large knob to the right until you get to “Mic1 Sqlch” (should be 4 clicks to the right) and then use the small knob to adjust the squelch for the pilot side.
    3) Rotate the large knob to the right one more click for “Mic2 Sqlch” and again use the small knob to adjust the squelch for the copilot side.

    I suggest you do this in flight, when there is more engine noise and wind noise in the cockpit.

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  3. Kent Shook on Oct 30, 2010

    By the way, Garmin makes manuals available online in PDF format for all of their avionics. The manual for the Garmin SL40 is here: http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/SL40Comm_UserGuide.pdf

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  4. David Glass - Sport Pilot on Oct 23, 2016

    MIC SQUELCH in C-162 Skycatcher with GARMIN SL40
    Mr. Shook’s answer saved the day. Thanks to good ol’ Google, I found that others had the same C-162 issue, and couldn’t find a mic squelch function. The standard Garmin SL40 (integrated radio and intercom) indeed addresses each mic squelch separately, using the exact procedure he describes. We found that the left mic squelch was set at 95 (out of 127 max), but the right side was only at a too-sensitive 30. They’re both at 95 now, and all is well. Confirm your settings via the Garmin manual, and set them to your headset’s best value, but this answer completely solved our problem. Thank you! We’re flying in peace now.

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