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Hi, I have a couple of question that I can't find an answer for (100% correct) I answered all the questions at the end I just wanted a second opinion if my answers are correct Thanks.

1. What is the greatest producer of noise pollution in a jet engine?

a) compressor fan

b) turbine

c) combustion chamber


2. With both engines failed and the APU inoperative, where does the aircraft get AC and DC power?

a) The battery provides AC power and the TRU provides DC power

b) The battery provides DC power and the TRU provides AC power

c) The battery provides DC power and the inverter provides AC power

d) The battery provides AC power and the inverter provides DC power


3. With all engines running, with all fuel pumps on, and all cross flow valves open, what tank will drain first?

a) They will all drain at the same rate

b) The one with the most powerful pump will drain first

c) The one closest to the engine with the highest fuel flow will drain first


4. Why do transport category jets burn fuel from their center tank first before the wing tanks?

5. Fuel imbalance with left wing heavier

a) open cross flow and turn off right boost pump

b) open cross flow and turn off left boost pump

c) close crossflow and turn off left boost pump

d) close crossflow and turn off right boost pump


6. Your engine instrument show that N1, N2, and fuel flow are normal but you engine hasn?t started, this could be

a) hot start

b) hung start

c) ignition problem


7. With colder air on the ground your engines produce more thrust than with warm air. Why do your engines produce less thrust at altitude where it is colder than on the ground?

 8. What is the purpose of fowler flaps?



1. its not one of the options but I think its exhaust highest temp delta. Its one of the reasons why the 787 have the new noise reducing chevrons on the exhaust section blends the hot from the core are with the cold to reduce noise. but form the three options I would say combustion.

2. C

3. B

4. To reduce wing root loading

5. a

6. C

7. because pressure decreases much more than air temperature.

8.  It adds large camber to the wing increasing the surface area

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