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5 Answers

Renewal of Private Pilot’s License

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Private Pilot

My biannual review is due by mid November.  Unfortunately my airplane is down for repairs until late November or mid-December.  I don't want to take my review in an airplane I am unfamiliar with.  What will I have to do to complete my biannual review after the due date?  I have a CFI that I can use.

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5 Answers

  1. Joel Odom on Oct 22, 2010

    You can do you biannual any time: you can’t fly if its expired, but there is no harm in letting it expire.  Getting a biannual in a different airplane could be a good learning experience.  You can’t “fail” a biannual, so just relax and learn something.

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  2. Kent Shook on Oct 22, 2010

    What Joel said – But if you don’t want to fly another airplane, and you don’t mind being grounded entirely until your airplane is finished, you can do your biannual in your airplane after the repairs are completed.

    Unlike a Flight Instructor certificate, your Pilot certificate is good forever, and your flying privileges are renewed in the same way (via a Flight Review) whether or not they were expired before the flight review or not.

    But please, be nice and inform the CFI that your airplane was just in the shop, too. 🙂

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  3. Gary Timmer on Feb 04, 2011

    I obtianied my private pilots license in the late 70’s and flew frequently but now have not flown for nearly 25 years and would like to get current again at some point.  I do have one problem and that is that I have lost my logbook quite some time ago with little hopes of retrieving it.  I have logged approximately 120 hours total with time in several aircraft.  Can you tell me what I can expect to encounter by becomming current again?

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  4. MaggotCFII on Feb 04, 2011

    Hello Gary:
    You have got a great question!  Suggest you make this a new “Ask a Question”!
    Say “How do I get current after 25 years of life happening?”.
    I expect you would get lots of advice, opinions, etc., because you are not alone!
    Go for it!

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  5. Anselmo Varoli on Jan 18, 2017


    A pilot never really looses the knowledge of flying. What happen is we just get out of shape, besides fiscally we are not the same as we get older. I would recommend a good health check up, find a good instructor, get all the manuveres straight up, make sure you get yourself updates with the regulations and just go for it.
    Anselmo varoli.

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