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Scheyden Sunglasses Review

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Overview: Scheyden sunglass, even though quite expensive, are stylish and functional.  (keep reading though to learn how Scheyden hooked up the readers of Ask a CFI.com with a  40%  coupon).

CFIStew and PilotStu lounging at Airventure 2010 with their Scheyden sunglasses

As a pilot there are a few accessories that are a must for flying. Then there are those accessories that are a must to look good while flying. Sunglasses fit in this latter category and pilots love their sunglasses. I have owned a lot of sunglasses over the years, and I can say that the Scheyden sunglasses, that I currently use, are my preferred pair.

Scheydens Precision Eyewear found a nice niche formula for pilots that work very well.  These classic flip-up sunglasses are a perfect blend between form and function.  The titanium frames are strong and lightweight, which in the classic flip-ups, feature a spring loaded hinge with some magnetic locks that allow the lens to flip up and snap back into place. Flipping is extremely easy and fun, the springs work great. Pulling the lenses down, however, takes a small learning curve. You are constantly tempted to pull the glasses down by the lenses, but this dirties the lenses with your fingerprints. Pushing on the bridge is the preferred method. The extra bits also do add some noticeable weight over the “Fixed gear” glasses.  However noticeable, they are still very comfortable and light weight.

Lenses for the Scheyden fixed gear are made of glass and the flips, a CR-39 allyldiglycol carbonate monomer. This plastic is lighter than the glass lenses, which helps keep the flip-up weight down.  The lenses also come in seven different shapes for the flip-ups and eight shapes for the fixed-gear glasses. This provides a lot of variety when picking a type of eyewear.  However what you receive in a good array of shapes you lose in colors.  For instance if you were to want to purchase the “Classic Flip-Ups El Capitan” (personally used) you only have the frame color of titanium, and then either bronze or grey colored lenses. Now you get the preference also to polarize them, but seeing as you must be into aviation to read this review on this website I’m going to assume you don’t care about polarized lenses.  There is also an option to add your prescription lenses to the flip-ups for an additional fee.

The biggest downside to the Scheyden precision eyewear is the price (keep reading though…). The classic flips start around $395. This may seem insane at first but Scheyden has done a wonderful job marketing their product to aviators, as well as taking a strong interest in new social media avenues. For instance, Scheyden has offered the reader’s of Askacfi.com, a 40% discount; just enter “askacfi40″during the checkout process.  I have a pilot friend whose magnet didn’t quite line up right and were causing a minor problem. Scheyden replaced the glasses completely free of charge.Their logic behind this move, we were told, was that they didn’t want a defective pair of sunglasses out in people’s hands. Even though a slight bend or push of the magnet would have been a fix they decided to toss the pair and replace them with a new one. This great customer support is what sold me on my pair of Scheyden sunglasses.

Overall the sunglasses are quite the aviation fashion statement.  Sharp and lightweight, fully functional and impressive. However expensive with few options, Scheydens are the best pair of sunglasses I ever owned. I’m already looking for deals for the “Fixed-Gear” option.


You can receive a 40% discount ($150+ in savings) on your Scheyden purchase.  Just visit http://www.scheyden.com and enter askacfi40 during checkout.

This Scheyden Sunglass Review was written by Stewart Stoll of PilotsJourney.com.  He can also be reached at cfistew.com

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  1. Thomas DeFazio on Jan 27, 2015

    I tried to apply the discount code and it does not work. It does not reduce the price. Is this discount code still valid?

    Tom DeFazio

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