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2 Answers

Building time 141 cheaper? Can I do this idea?-Read on

Asked by: 1883 views Commercial Pilot, General Aviation, Instrument Rating, Student Pilot

Okay, I'm going to being going to a part 141 flight school this fall. Big step and I have already earned my private pilot at a local airport in a piper warrior. I know that all dual instruction must be completed at college with their aircraft and instructors. The problem, they teach the commercial and instruments in new Cessna 172s at a cost of $150/hr before instruction fees. Yikes that's a lot!
My question is
1.for my instrument and commercial can I complete my cross country flights in a non school owned air craft and still get the 1000 hour ATP? Only solo time.

Also there is a guy renting an older Cessna 172- nothing fancy but instrument rated. His rate is $85/hr. He hardly has customers and one if his friends said that we can buy block hours for cheaper too. This can cut cost by $80+ dollars and hour! That's big to a college kid! I was also suggested to make an offer to rent block hours dry.
My next question
2. What's a good number to a Offer if I rent dry?

Thanks for the help!

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2 Answers

  1. Russ Roslewski on Jan 04, 2015

    The short answer for #1 is that any flying you do outside of the school’s Part 141 curriculum WILL NOT count for completion of that course. So, you can fly as many cross countries (or other flights) as you want in somebody else’s airplane if you want to build time, but you’ll still have to do them again anyway in the school’s airplanes. This is a requirement not of the school, but of the Part 141 curriculum.

    I used to teach Part 141 and this was a pretty common question.

    I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but that’s the way it is, sorry.

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  2. Andrew Register on May 02, 2015

    Hi, I am a Part 61 to Part 141 student, well I was but anyways…
    Certain things will transfer over and some things wont. I got 9 credit hours for my PPL and for the ground school and the x-country hours I had obtained transferred over but only like 25% roughly. It was so expensive and you have to remember a 141 school/college is a BUSINESS they drag your training out to squeeze every dime they can out of you. I got so frustrated with them I quit, knocked out my instrument, Commercial ASEL & MEL and got my CFI/CFII completed within 3 months where as it would have likely taken me 3 years to do it at my school. by the time they drag you out you will be cheaper to have 1500 hours vs the 1000 RATP so go part 61!

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