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3 Answers

What equipment does a private pilot, with a cessna 172 aircraft need to enter class Bravo airspace?

Asked by: 1959 views Airspace

I have the section marked off in the AIM (3-2-2) class Bravo airspace, but I'm having trouble narrowing down what I actually need. So far I have, Two way radio communication.. i know you need to ask permission to enter transponder with altitude reporting capability... is this a 4096 transponder? mode C? confused as to what those are. Anything else? AIM is a little difficult to interpret for me.

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3 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Nov 17, 2014

    As I stated in a response to your previous question, The requirements are found in 91.131(c) & (d).

    Simply stated, you need a two-way radio communications radio and a Mode C transponder.

    All transponders in use are 4096. They are referred to as 4096 code because the numbering system used is Octal. You may have noted that there are no 8s or 9s used. Only numerals from 0-7. Decimal 4095 is represented in Octal as 7777. Taken with the code 0000, that gives 4096 possible codes that can be entered on your transponder.

    Best advice would be:

    If you have not already received instruction in Class B airspace, find an instructor to help you. It is much cheaper than having to deal with a Pilot Deviation, should you mess something up.

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  2. Captain Major on Nov 20, 2014

    Also – if you happen to be an instrument rated private pilot on an instrument flight plan in Class B airspace, you must have an operating VOR or TACAN receiver. VFR aircraft are exempt from this requirement.

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  3. Gary S. on Jan 03, 2015

    Austin, also be careful that after your request to enter Class Bravo that you listen carefully that the reply from ATC begins with your callsign then tells you specifically that you are cleared into Class Bravo.” If you don’t hear this, remain outside and call back.

    Remember also VFR minimums of 3 miles visibility and clear of clouds criteria apply.

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