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2 Answers

When to log simulator time

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FAA Regulations, Instrument Rating, Private Pilot

When is simulator time allowed to be logged? Is it only logable when I am being instructed in an instrument rating or when maintaining instrument rating currency? … and when overseen by a CFI?

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2 Answers

  1. Nibake on Aug 10, 2014

    Has to be with a CFI and has to be an FAA approved simulator, which is something individuals typically don’t have. If you are talking about a school or a training center they will know whether their simulator is approved. For more info see AC 61-136A

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  2. Mark Kolber on Aug 11, 2014

    As Nibake correctly indicates, much of what a device is usable for depends on the FAA letter of authorization for the device says.

    Once you get past that, the requirements for each FAA certificate and rating specifically lists what parts of the training may be done in a device and in what type of device. See 61.109(k) for an example.

    Finally, all loggable device time requires an authorized instructor, either CFI or CFII depending on the purpose of the time. 61.51(g)(4).

    And just a point of information – you and I may use “flight simulator” generically, but the FAA has specific definitions one and for other types of devices as well.

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