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High-Performance and High-Altitude

Asked by: 2139 views Commercial Pilot

I now have an ATP with a Embraer 170 PIC type. However, I still do not have a high-performance or high-altitude endorsement as I operate under 121. If I were to go to fly another aircraft that would require either would I have to go and receive those or does my PIC type rating count?

1 Answers

  1. Sam Dawson on Aug 05, 2014

    No it does not count for you HP endorsement. Your airline training does, however, count for your high altitude endorsement. If you look at the regulation you may count airline training in lieu of the endorsement for the high altitude, yet it is specific about needing the endorsement for the HP. References:

    61.31 Type rating requirements, additional training, and authorization requirements.

    “(g) Additional training required for operating pressurized aircraft capable of operating at high altitudes.

    (3) The training and endorsement required by paragraphs (g)(1) and (g)(2) of this section are not required if that person can document satisfactory accomplishment of any of the following in a pressurized aircraft, or in a flight simulator or flight training device that is representative of a pressurized aircraft:

    (iv) Completing a pilot-in-command proficiency check under part 121, 125, or 135 of this chapter conducted by the Administrator or by an approved pilot check airman.”

    (f) Additional training required for operating high-performance airplanes. (1) Except as provided in paragraph (f)(2) of this section, no person may act as pilot in command of a high-performance airplane (an airplane with an engine of more than 200 horsepower), unless the person has—

    “(i) Received and logged ground and flight training from an authorized instructor in a high-performance airplane, or in a flight simulator or flight training device that is representative of a high-performance airplane, and has been found proficient in the operation and systems of the airplane; and

    (ii) Received a one-time endorsement in the pilot’s logbook from an authorized instructor who certifies the person is proficient to operate a high-performance airplane.”

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