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2 Answers

Commercial Helicopter Pilot wants Private Airplane License

Asked by: 6452 views Commercial Pilot, FAA Regulations, Instrument Rating, Private Pilot

I have a commercial rotary wing with instrument and want (1) private airplane and (2) instrument rating in airplane. What are my minimum requirements?

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2 Answers

  1. Gary Moore on Aug 06, 2010

    You will still need to meet the minimums required by Part 61 to obtain your fixed wing certificate and rating – regardless have how much rotary time you have.

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  2. John Frederick on Aug 18, 2010

    Here are your minimum requirements to add your Private fixed wing and your instrument

    • PIC endorsement & pre-solo written required prior to
    solo. 61.31(d)(2)
    • 3 hours cross-country (DUAL) 61.109(a)(1)
    • 3 hours night training in airplane, except 61.110 61.109(a)(2)
    • One X-C dual over 100nm total distance.61.109(a)(2)(i)
    • 3 hours instrument in airplane. 61.109(a)(3)
    • 3 hours flight instruction in prep for the PVT practical
    flight test within 60 days prior to that test.61.109(a)(4)
    • 10 hours solo in airplane. 61.109(a)(5)
    • 5 hours solo cross-country in airplane. 61.109(a)(5)(i)
    • One solo X-C 150nm total distance with full stop landing
    at three points. 61.109(a)(5)(ii)
    • Knowledge test not required. 61.63(b)(5)

    • Knowledge test not required. 61.65(a)(7)
    • 50 hours of PIC cross-country flight time in powered
    aircraft and 10 hours of these in airplanes. 61.65(d)(1)
    • 15 hours of instrument flight training in airplanes. 61.65(d)(2)(i)
    • 3 hours instrument training in prep for the Instrument
    practical test within 60 days prior to that test. 61.65(d)(2)(ii)
    • X-C flight under IFR flight plan, sim/actual, 250nm, one instrument approach at each airport with three different kinds of approaches. 61.65(d)(iii)(A)(B)(C)

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