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Where does it say that current charts are required?

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FAA Regulations

Where in the FAR's does it mention the requirement for current aeronautical charts to be onboard? Can one have out of date charts onboard if not required for the flight?. And are pilots required to have an AFD?

1 Answers

  1. Matthew Waugh on Aug 01, 2010

    There is no such FAR requirements. The basis for any action is that you must “become familiar with all available information”. (91.103). This doesn’t apply for a VFR flight in the vicinity of an airport.

    So you don’t need to have current charts or an AFD on-board as long as you have an alternative way of showing you were familiar with all available information.

    Likewise if you have out of date charts on board as long as you can show you were familiar with all available information no problem.

    I would argue that no charts or out of date charts the burden of proof that you know all you need to know is going to be hard, but I’m sure people would argue not impossible.

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