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2 Answers

Is it possible to train with two different instructors in two different states

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Student Pilot

Due to geographical concerns, I was wondering if it is possible to continue my flight training at one facility while using an unassociated facility to log additional flight hours while working towards my PPL. I ask because I spend three days a week in one state and four days in another. I could get this done much quicker if I could fly from both of my homes.

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2 Answers

  1. Joel Odom on Jul 29, 2010

    In 16 years of flying airplanes, I’ve learned that no two CFIs have the same approach to flying airplanes: each has his nuances that you must become familiar with as a student. If you choose to split your training, you will have to learn the nuances of each instructor that you use, but you will have the benefit of getting different perspectives. I’d say that you should try this approach so that your training is more consistent, with fewer long breaks. On the other hand, expect to spend more overall dollars than a student who sticks to one instructor and one curriculum.

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  2. Matthew Waugh on Jul 29, 2010

    I would concur with Joel – it might be possible, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

    If you are an organized, take charge kind of person then you could find a syllabus (commercial or whatever) that you want to use for flight training, and then work with your instructors to divide up certain aspects of the training so that you do, say, stalls and slow flight with one instructor, steep turns and turns around a point with another. Night cross-country with one, day cross country with the other. YOU have to control the training process. Lot’s of Part 141 schools do perfectly well randomly assigning instructors as needed, but that’s because they are working to a rigorous syllabus with instructors all trained to teach the same way.

    Are you going to solo with one instructor or both?

    Basic fundamentals you have to do with both and you’re probably going to do landing practice with both, because whatever anybody tells you, most of landing training consists of the instructor saving his/her own skin and the flight schools investment while you figure it out for yourself. But that’s another topic.

    You should probably expect to spend more dollars, but the more often you fly the faster you’ll absorb and retain the material so who knows, maybe it won’t be more expensive.

    But to re-iterate – you have to find 2 instructors willing to work with your syllabus and allow you to “direct” your training to a large extent – if you can figure that out it may well work out for you.

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