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Approach Chart Details

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Reference (KSLK) ILS or LOC/DME Z RWY 23

1. Why is simultaneous reception of the localizer DME and DME from the SLK VOR needed for this approach as listed in the briefing area of this approach chart? NOTE: Profile view at RIIKE and HNDRK shows only the SLK VOR DME symbol , not l-SLK localizer symbol. This indicates to use the DME from the SLK VOR. Is this correct?

2. Channel abbreviation: If DME can be transmitted from a ground station navaid, the abbreviation “Chan” is used. “Chan” is found in the SLK VOR box on the plan view. However, “Chan” is not found in the l-SLK localizer box of which implies this localizer does not have DME capability.

Thank you for the feedback.

3 Answers

  1. Bob Watson on May 03, 2014

    1) I read that sentence as you need to receive the (I-SLK Localizer) and the (SLK DME) not that you need the (I-SLK Localizer and the SLK) DME. The DME station is indicated by the letters that precede the distance (e.g. the RIICK and HNDRK intersections).

    2) I agree. Look at the KASE LOC DME 15 chart for an example of a localizer with a DME and notice that the distance flags reference the localizer I-ASE and the I-ASE frequency box specifies the DME channel.

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  2. Mark Kolber on May 03, 2014

    Bob is correct. The note just tells you you need to be able to receive both the SLK DME (for the step-downs)and the localizer (for lateral guidance) at the same time.

    Which I guess answers you second question as well — there is no I-SLK DME and nothing is asking for you to receive it.

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  3. Dan Chitty on May 04, 2014

    Thank you Mark and Bob for the clarity.

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