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Advanced Ground Instructor Requirements

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Hope y’all doing just fine. Currently I’m a holder of A Commercial Pilot Certificate ME/SE land instrument airplane, also I have in my possession an Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate. Recently I was thinking to step it up just a bit and obtain my AGI and was looking at 14 CFR 61.215 and understood that I only have to  give couple of written exams “FOI and AGI” and that will qualify me for an AGI Certificate , I’m I right?. Are there any other requirements that I have neglected?. Moreover, in order to become an AGI do I have to obtain my BGI then IGI or I just can go ahead and apply for an AGI . My interpretation from going  through different sources, the AGI have the same privileges as the BGI and IGI, correct me if I’m wrong please!!

Appreciate it flyers, y’all fly safe.

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1 Answers

  1. Florent Barale on Jun 04, 2014

    You indeed only need to take the written tests.
    The FOI is the only pre-requisite for the other written tests, so you must take it first in all cases.
    The BGI is not a pre-requisite of the AGI, so it’s better to directly take the AGI written test. As for the IGI, it’s also not a pre-requisite of anything. If you want to add it to your AGI, just pass the written test (which you should be familiar with since you are instrument rated).

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