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RNAV Departures

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Some RNAV DPs have a MOCA and MEA on certain segments yet some do not.

Reference KMIA  DEEEP ONE SID (RNAV):  Most of the segments have a MEA and MOCA.

Reference KCLT DEBIE SIX SID (RNAV): None of the segments have a MEA or MOCA.

Since some aircraft RNAV systems use DME/DME and DME is based upon ground stations, I am assuming the line of sight principle applies of which make sense to have a MOCA and MEA for these type of navigators. And of course there has to be a minimum altitude for GPS navigators for proper terrain/obstacle clearance and communication reception.

Question 1: Why do some RNAV DPs have a MOCA and MEA on certain segments yet some do not?

Question 2: Since a DME/ DME RNAV system can be used for the KCLT DEBIE SIX,  why is there not a MOCA or MEA ?

Thank you for the feedback.

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1 Answers

  1. Fly92020 on Feb 09, 2014

    Hi Dan – I’m definitely not a TERPS expert, but I felt sad because your question had no responses, so let me take a whack at it:)

    SIDs are designed to just get traffic out and into the enroute structure, unlike ODP’s which are designed for terrain/obstacle clearance. Note on the KCLT DEBIE SIX: it requires a climb rate of at least 500 FPNM to 1,260′. (MIA requires 500-FPNM to 520′ for first segment; MEA/MOCA doesn’t kick in until DRIVM waypoint). My guess is your clearance would be something like “SkyWest 123 cleared to Orlando via the DEBIE SIX; climb and maintain niner-thousand; expect flight level 2-2-0, 1-0 minutes after departure…”, etc. Look at the MEA’s on V415 & V454 near DEBIE; they’re 2,300′ – not much to hit there to begin with, and hopefully you’d be higher than that 40-nm from the airport in your Turbojet (required to use the DEBIE SIX SID).

    The SID just gets you out of the airport environment and to DEBIE intersection, at which point you climb to the MEA of 10,000′ (MOCA is only 3,100, which also would indicate why there’s no ODP). As a bonus, I was delighted to see waypoints to NE of CLT like NASCR, ROUSH and GANTS – someone at AeroNav is a NASCAR fan!

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