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CFI test questions

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Of the questions I missed on my Flight Instructor Airplane test today, there are four I don't understand. (I am paraphrasing)

1) Propeller efficiency is defined as

B)Ratio of thrust hp to brake hp

C)Difference between geometric pitch and effective pitch

I chose C and it was wrong, but in my study material there were two different questions with basically the same wording, and both B and C were correct answers only in different questions!


2) If a student enters a lazy eight by banking too much the 180 degree point will be reached with

A) too much altitude

B ) too much airspeed

This question was not in my ASA study material. I chose A, apparently it was B


3) If a student is unable to complete a practical test, the increments completed are good for -

and 4) When an instructor endorses a student for a practical test, that endorsement is good for -

I chose 60 days for both, and I am positive that is what the study material says, and I think that is what the FARs say, but I got them both wrong.


The only reason I bring these up is I am about to take the Ground Instructor (Advanced) knowledge test and it would be embarrassing to miss the same questions twice, and I am really confused now about (3) and (4).



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3 Answers

  1. John D Collins on Jan 24, 2014

    1) Reference page 4-25, Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA-H-8083-25:

    “Since the efficiency of any machine is the ratio of the useful power output to the actual power input, propeller efficiency is the ratio of thrust horsepower to brake horsepower.”

    2) If a student enters a lazy eight by banking too much the 180 degree point will be reached with too much airspeed, because the 180 degree point is reached sooner, and therefore less airspeed has has time to have bled off at this point.

    3) If a student is unable to complete a practical test, the increments completed are good for 60 days, reference 61.43:

    “(f) If a practical test is discontinued, the applicant is entitled credit for those areas of operation that were passed, but only if the applicant:
    (1) Passes the remainder of the practical test within the 60-day period after the date the practical test was discontinued;”

    4) When an instructor endorses a student for a practical test, that endorsement is good for 2 calendar months preceding the month in which the test is conducted. So in the case of being signed off on Jan 1, 2014, the last day the test must have been conducted is March 31, 2014. So it can be up to three full months since the date of the sign off. Reference 61.39(a):

    “(6) Have an endorsement, if required by this part, in the applicant’s logbook or training record that has been signed by an authorized instructor who certifies that the applicant—
    (i) Has received and logged training time within 2 calendar months preceding the month of application in preparation for the practical test;”

    I have some advice to you as a prospective instructor. I didn’t remember the specific quotes off the top of my head, but I looked them up. You should be capable of doing this yourself. It took me a few minutes to accomplish this task. Students are going to ask you all sorts of questions that you won’t know the answer to, but the vast majority can be looked up with little effort. You are expected to know how to do this and teach it to your students.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Jan 25, 2014

    I agree wholeheartedly with John’s last point but, John, you’re much, much nicer than I am.

    I’m happy to take the time to look things up quickly for most pilots to help them answer a question, but, except for the more esoteric nuances, instructor candidates need to fend for themselves or they need to get a wee bit more training.

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  3. Cody Barringer on Jan 25, 2014

    It doesn’t seem like you’re lacking in the area of spare time, Mark.

    I listed all the questions but the main reason I started the conversation was to discuss the fact that the two questions where 1) My ASA study material was erroneous and 2) The FARs do not agree with the result of the test question. Apparently that was missed. But regardless, thank you for the references.

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