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AWOS online

Posted by on May 13, 2010 8 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

There are about 200 unanswered questions sitting in my inbox that I need to answer right now, but I wanted to quickly share with you a cool website that I found recently.   I was trying to check weather at a destination airport that isn’t able to generate a METAR report because it is served by a AWOS-3 type weather station.  Fortunately, the FBO at this airport let me know about Stanwyck Avionics website at: 


Stanwyck Avionics has developed a software interface that allows pilots to graphically view real-time AWOS and ASOS weather station data.   Here is a sample screenshot from Hornell, NY (4G6) airport:

There are several things I like about this display.  I like how quickly you can see the wind direction and the runway in use . Also presented graphically is the headwind and crosswind component.  This information could be very valuable for student pilots to make sure that they abide by the crosswind component limitations listed in their solo endorsements.  No crosswind component chart necessary!  You can view the digital weather on the left side of the screen and just by glancing at the up or down arrows, you can determine the current trend  for wind speed, altimeter, density altitude, temperature, dew point, and relative humidity.  If you want more historic trend information, you can display a graphic trend report by clicking the appropriate button listed under “Weather Graphics”.  I know of no where else where all of this information is displayed so quickly and easily.

The best part of this system, besides the display, is the fact that this software displays real-time weather.  You will never see weather that is more than 60 seconds old.  Not even a METAR can beat that!

You can view the entire list of airports served by Stanwyck Avionics software by visiting their website.  Just click on “online airports” and then the state in which your airport is located.    You will see a Google Map with markers at the airport locations and then a list below the map.  Just by clicking on the airport name you’ll be taken to the graphic weather display for that particular airport. There are many airports listed, hopefully your airport is there.



  1. Todd on May 14, 2010

    That is pretty slick. I wish they had Chicago Executive or other Illinois and Wisconsin airports I visit frequently.

  2. Paul on May 14, 2010

    That would be nice wouldn’t it? This would be great to have at my home airport as well. I’m going to recommend this to our airport manager and see if we can get the software installed for our weather station.

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  4. Jim C on May 18, 2010

    Sliced Bread be dammed! that is truly amazing, especially the historical data that it displays, as well as the wind trends. I think I have a new crusade. There are plenty of airports in the northern half of AZ that need that.

  5. Scott on Jun 03, 2010

    Smilar is “Super AWOS” A map of their locations is at http://www.superawos.com/google.htm

    They also have a phone in service, but I like the visual representation. It is great for the quick weather check to make an obvious go/no-go decission before heading out the to airfield.

  6. Duarte Fernandes Pinto on Jun 12, 2010

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  7. Bill Stanwyck on Nov 04, 2010

    Thank you for the kind words on our Graphical User Interface (GUI). This is the result of over ten years of R&D and we now have interfaces to all current FAA AWOS,ASOS, and AWSS systems.

    If you drop any part of the URL after the airport ID, then our server will auto detect if you are mobile and redirect to a proper formated page for cellphones (smartphones).

    If your airport would like to try a free demo for 90 days we would be pleased to work with you.

    Bill Stanwyck
    Non-Fed ILS Engineer
    914-213-2511 blackberry

  8. Paul Tocknell on Nov 05, 2010

    Thanks for the comment Bill and the offer for a free 90 day service. I hope that some users here tell their airport managers to take advantage of your generous offer to use your great product(s) at their airports.


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