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Recommended Resource: “CFI to CFI”

Posted by on April 11, 2010 3 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog Tags : ,

I received an email yesterday asking me to check out a brand new publication from AOPA’s ASF Foundation called “CFI to CFI”. This quarterly flight instructor newsletter is packed with tips for flight instructors to use with students and articles to aid in professional CFI development.

I tried out the digital copy of the newsletter and was very impressed with this first edition. Many of the articles in the newsletter contain links to ASF Safety Quizzes and other online resources. It was very convenient to just click on the link in the article and have a separate browser window open instead of having to manually type in the URL.

The first issue of CFI-to-CFI contained many great articles and tips. Here is a sample of some article titles, “Becoming a flight instructor”, “Airspace Flash Cards” and “Deja Vu, Learning from Accidents”. One of the last articles, actually contained an embedded video (another advantage of the digital version).

Overall, my impressions were that this is a much needed resource for instructors and was very well done. You can sign up for the CFI to CFI newsletter here:



  1. Eric on Apr 12, 2010

    I just signed up for the newsletter after learning about it from your post. Is it possible for you to forward a copy of the current one to my e-mail?

  2. Paul on Apr 12, 2010

    I forwarded you the newsletter via my gmail account.

    Let me know if you get it.


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