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3 Answers

Runway incursion?

Asked by: 2140 views FAA Regulations

Not sure if this qualifies as an incursion incident (class D)  or if I should report it....   I was doing some pattern work today in my Cherokee and I had just turned to base and and an Arrow at hold short called taking the runway for departure. I was annoyed he had pulled out on to the runway after I had called base leg, but I knew I would still have room, so I didn't make a fuss, I just slowed up my approach a bit. As I turned to final and made my radio call, he began his takeoff roll.  while I was on final I watched him, but once I saw him leave the pavement I was just starting my round out and had taken my eyes off him to concentrate on the centerline. (I was practicing cross winds)  As I rounded out I glanced up above the centerline in attempt to spot the departing arrow but did not see him. Then right as my plane settled in on roll-out i spotted him.  ON the runway ahead of me. He wasn't a safety factor so much as he was at the far end of the runway and about the same time as me started turning off, but as I rolled out I called out his tail number and asked what happened. He responded by telling me he had done a simulated engine failure on departure.  Thats when I got pissed. Not only did he do it right in front of me knowing I was on final, and he did it without once announcing the maneuver or his intention to do it.

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3 Answers

  1. Chuck C on Dec 21, 2013

    Just let it go. Your going to deal with bad judgements from time to time. You move forward and be as safe as possible and watch out for those people.
    Good luck, Fly Safe – Fly Fun

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  2. Mark Kolber on Dec 22, 2013

    I’m confused:

    (class D) or if I should report it…. I was doing some pattern work today in my Cherokee and I had just turned to base and and an Arrow at hold short called taking the runway</b? for departure.

    If it was Class D and the Arrow took the runway on his own announcement without at takeoff clearance from the tower, he likely already has more runway incursion problems than you can cause.

    Assuming the “D” was a typo, at least with small aircraft, there is generally more than enough spacing for an aircraft to take off while another is on base. Try heading over to a fly-in some time. “Close” tor one pilot can be “more than enough space” to another.

    With the stoppage, it does sound like the Arrow pilot was not paying attention and could be faulted.

    But consider: you’re probably new so it will take practice, but part of situational awareness is noticing that the runway continues to be clear of aircraft, vehicles, animals. Concentrating on the landing is not a reason to not notice there is an obstruction. What if it was areal engine failure on takeoff on an approach that initially had enough spacing? If you felt that this was too close for comfort, sounds like a recipe for a go-around.

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  3. Bob Watson on Dec 22, 2013

    That’s going to happen again. You can count on it.

    I used to get upset over this sort of thing as well, but it doesn’t serve any productive purpose. His fault? Your fault? What difference does it make? If you can see an unsafe situation developing and avoid it, why wouldn’t you avoid it? You had the better perspective and could see all that was going on, even though you were the landing traffic and had the right-of-way. He could have waited. You could have gone around. Fortunately, nothing happened this time.

    Next time? I’m with Mark, just go around and put another .1 in the logbook.

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