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4 Answers

FAA validation of foreign licence

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I'd like to know if FAA validate EASA PPL with Instrument Rating on it.

I plan to go to the US in september but will only be IR approved in end of July, so I have to request my validation near the FAA in mid-July which means before getting Instrument rated.

Will they issue me a validation of licence including IR upon the show of my licence with IR on it ?

Does they issue a paper stating that my EASA licence is valid in the US with all the privileges relating to my EASA licence ?

Thank you so much

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4 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Dec 06, 2013

    When the validation is done, there is a letter sent to you and to the FSDO where you choose to have the paperwork done.

    The letter will include the ratings you possess at the time the validation is done.

    You will be issued an FAA Private pilot certificate which will be subject to any limitations on your EASA license.

    It may present a problem if the license you present contains an Instrument rating, but the validation letter does not.

    I suggest that when you contact the FAA for the validation letter, you present your case to them and ask their advice.

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  2. Huvelle battiste on Dec 06, 2013

    I think it’s the best thing to do.

    Thank you for the reply

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  3. MaggotCFII on Dec 08, 2013

    If you go to FAA.gov and this link you will find the info you need for the verification process.


    Next: This link will take you to the “Flight Standards Information Management System”, FSIMS, for short. Look in Volume 5, Airman Certification, Chapter 2, Title 14 CFR Certification of Pilots and Flight Instructors, Section 14. Issue a Title 14 CFR Part 61 U.S. Pilot Certificate on the Basis of a Foreign-Pilot License.


    You can get the U.S. PPL on the basis of the Foreign-Pilot License, however you will not get instrument privileges unless you pass a knowledge exam.

    That is called, Instrument Pilot Foreign Exam, and can be taken at a FAA approved test center. I think it is 50 questions and I do not think that U.S. Instructor endorsement is necessary to take the written. Maybe it can be done overseas.

    If you search for FAA Written Test Centers, you will find vendors that provide the tests.

    If you are going to be in the U.S. for an extended period, you could train and test for both the U.S. PPL and Instrument Rating for original issuance of U.S. license/rating – that would be expensive! And you would need TSA approval for the flight training – not hard to do – before you could begin flight training.

    Hope this is of assistance to you.

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  4. Martijn D on Oct 30, 2014

    Is the letter in itself enough to fly?

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