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How to log Frasca 141 Flight training device time

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FAA Regulations, Instrument Rating

Question:  How can I log Frasca 141 flight training Device time?  I was going through my log book and I see that some instructors have logged the Simulator time in my log book under - single engine land, flight simulator, dual recieved, PIC, Total time.  Other instructors have listed the time under - Flight simulator, dual given, total time.  Can any one shed some light on how this time should be logged?  I would like to correct my log book.

1 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Nov 20, 2013

    The correct logbook endorsement should be FTD (which is different than a flight simulator) and dual given. If there were no visuals with this FTD or the visuals simulated instrument conditions then instrument time should be logged as well.

    Reference 61.1 for the definitions of training time (logged as dual given) and pilot time. Reference 61.51(g) for when to log instrument time and 61.51(j) for when to log flight time.

    What you need to decide early on in your logbook is what the total time column means and then be consistent. Some pilots choose to make the total time block mean “pilot time”. If this is what you decide, then you should log the FTD time under total time. If you decide to make total time mean “total flight time” then you should not log it under total time. Again see the definitions referenced above.

    Even though the FTD is representative of an airplane single engine land it shouldn’t be logged in the ASEL category. Keep that column for actual airplane flying.

    When you go for an airline interview one thing you will need to do is verify the logbook. All the category and class aircraft times should add up to the total flight time. ASEL+AMEL+Glider+Helicopter+…=Total Flight TIme

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