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8 Answers

Bi Annual

Asked by: 5990 views FAA Regulations

Hello, My question is about getting current on my flight certificate.  Its been 3 years since my last checkride. I haven't had a bi annual yet. Since I have went over 2 years can I just simply do the bi annual and be current? I've only flown once in the past 2 1/2 years, so I know it will take some extra studying and training. Thank You, jon

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8 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Oct 02, 2013

    The word is biennial. It is not used in the regulation requiring a flight review, however the 24 month requirement would seem to justify the use of the word biennial.

    Yes, you probably will need some training to bring you up to speed and you will need a flight review. If, for some reason you didn’t do three takeoffs and landings during your flight review, you would need to satisfy that requirement as well prior to carrying passengers.

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  2. jondickson on Oct 02, 2013

    Thank you for the reply. So basically this all can be done with a licensed flight instructor? no FAA examiner required.Thanks again for the reply.

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  3. Mark Kolber on Oct 03, 2013

    That’s correct. A flight review is done with a CFI.

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  4. jondickson on Oct 03, 2013

    Once again thank you guys! Last question. What about getting current on my instrument rating. Its been over 2 years as well. Can I get current with a instrument rated CFI on this as well?

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  5. Kris Kortokrax on Oct 03, 2013

    You do need a bit of brushing up. As an instrument rated pilot, you should be familiar with the currency requirements in 61.57.

    You will need to take an Instrument Proficiency Check with a CFII.

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  6. Mark Kolber on Oct 03, 2013

    jon, a suggestion tagging off of Kris’ last comment: suggest to the CFI doing your flight review that the ground portion include discussions of pilot authority, limitations and currency requirements.

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  7. jondickson on Oct 03, 2013

    Ok guys, you’ve really helped me out a bunch! Thanks for the help!

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  8. MaggotCFII on Oct 03, 2013

    Suggest you go to the Faa.gov site and search for the FAA Pamphlet entitled “Conducting an Effective Flight Review”. It is directed to flight instructors, it will give you insight into what the FAA is looking have accomplished during the review.

    Next, take a look at the Advisory Circular; AC 61-98B – Currency Requirements and Guidance for the Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check

    You could also take a look on the FaaSafety.gov site, Activities and Courses area.

    Look for the course, “Flight Review Prep Guide” and do the course.

    Get yourself a 2014 FAR/AIM from ASA and revisit the FARs.

    Along the way find the CFI you would like to fly with, discuss his process before you begin training. Be open to the fact that where you are, it probably should not be a 1 hour ground and 1 hour flight “slam dunk”. Make sure you are compatible and that learning will take place, not stress.

    Your flight review should be tailored to your training needs.

    The idea here is to be prepared for the Flight Review prior to beginning the process. You may set yourself a goal to be as well prepped as you were before your mentioned last check-ride.

    Good to see you returning to the flying world!

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