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3 Answers

Check ride

Asked by: 2376 views Private Pilot

Hey can a examiner end a flight or fail you on a check ride for not giving a proper passenger brief. For instance. I was doing my check ride and the examiner failed me for not giving a passenger brief. I was going with my check list and I said, "Would you like me to give you a proper brief." He didnt not reply. I then said is that a no.  I started to feel that there was something wrong, because he was really quite. I just continued to fly the plane and its seemed like he didn't care about this anymore. I did my run up and went to the hold short. checked both ways pulled out and he said, "I failed."  I proceed to go back to the terminal and I asked why and replied with, " You didn't give a passenger brief and you didnt do a proper scan of the area before entering the run way. I have been taught  by two instructors to look left right left again. I then made my radio call. I feel like I was ripped off dramatically. The fact that he didn't even let me finish and show that I was able to a fly the plan and do the rest of the stuff is a bit bs.

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3 Answers

  1. Mark Kolber on Aug 27, 2013

    It’s hard to comment without being there and seeing the overall dynamic that led to your unfortunate pink slip, but

    “Would you like me to give you a proper brief.” He didnt not reply. I then said is that a no.

    doesn’t appear to meet your PIC obligations.

    Assuming a passenger (and the DPE is definitely a passenger) doesn’t need a briefing is unacceptable. While a full passenger briefing is not mandatory for plain vanilla Part 91 operations (although it’s a very good idea), it is absolutely the PIC’s obligation under FAR 91.107 to “ensure” that every passenger knows how to fasten and unfasten the seat and shoulder belt and notify each when it is time to fasten them.

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  2. LTCTerry on Aug 27, 2013

    The check ride is over once you fail.

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  3. Jim F. on Aug 27, 2013

    Definitely have to agree with Mark on this being completely fair. As PIC, it’s your responsibility to keep you passengers safe, and how can that be accomplished if you don’t brief them on the safety protocol? Not only is the brief on the use of seat belts required by 91.107, it’s also specified in the Private Pilot PTS in Section 2 Preflight procedures; Tast B Cockpit Management; Part 4: “Briefs occupants on the use of safety belts, shoulder harnesses, doors, and emergency procedures.”

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