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instrument simulator time

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FAA Regulations, Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating

Hello everybody, I'm a private pilot and I'm preparing for instrument rating. I already have instrument flight time ( about 120 hours) that I have logged in a foreign air force. Part 61 syllabus states that 15 hours must be done with an authorised instructor, does it mean an FAA flight instructor only? If so, I would have to train for at least 15 hours with a cfii so, could this be done in a simulator or ftd?

4 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Aug 10, 2013

    If the foreign country is part of the ICAO states per 61.41 you should be able to count all the flight training including the 15 hours necessary for the instrument rating.

    If the foreign country is not part of ICAO. You will need the 15 hours of training with a US CFII.

    A maximum of 20 hours of simulator or FTD time can be used to satisfy the 40 hour requirement. Since you already have 120 hours, the time can be in the sim / FTD or the airplane.

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  2. Sam Dawson on Aug 10, 2013

    Note, the time must be logged- meaning the authorized instructor must have signed your logbook. If the instructor did not sign your logbook then in the eyes of the FAA no instruction took place.

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  3. suflanker on Aug 10, 2013

    I have these hours logged in my military logbook and signed by the commander of my unit. Moreover, I have the syllabus of my training

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  4. suflanker on Aug 10, 2013

    The only person who was able to sign it was the commander of the unit but not the instructors. My military logbook plus other documents attest these flights.
    So, can I report it on my FAA logbook?

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