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4 Answers

VFR Departure Clearance at a Non Towered A/P?

Asked by: 1162 views Flight Instructor, General Aviation, Student Pilot

Hi Guys, I will be departing a non towered airport with a CTAF, no ground frequency, in class E airspace.  The AF/D for the airport lists  clearance delivery and app/dep  available on the ARTCC frequency.  So if I am departing VFR do I need to get a clearance from clearance delivery or can I just make my position reports on the CTAF?   Thanks

4 Answers

  1. Sam Dawson on Aug 03, 2013

    No clearance necessary. Make normal announcements.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Aug 04, 2013

    6696, I just have to ask these questions:

    1. What is a “clearance delivery” frequency for?

    2. In what class E airspace is a VFR flight required to have a clearance?

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  3. Ale on Aug 04, 2013

    This link will help answer your question:


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  4. 6696 on Aug 04, 2013

    Thanks for the info guys, I think I was over thinking it. Made my flight today and all was well.

    Appreciate it.

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