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How to choose a flight instructor

Posted by on November 15, 2007 0 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

I found this great article at Wikihow and wanted to share it with you:


Here are some highlights from the article

  1. Airports usually have a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). The FBO manages the airport and hosts (or may own) flight schools. Flight schools have Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI) with training aircraft for rent.
  2. If no one has recommended a CFI, the school will assign one to you.
  3. Some questions you might want to ask:
    • What is your schedule and general availability?
    • What is your training philosophy?
    • What is your billing policy?
  4. After the first couple of flights you’ll get a feel for how the training is going. Ask yourself if you feel the CFI is: too laid back, too stern, genuinely concerned about your learning, or distracted. Hey, its your money! If it doesn’t feel right request another CFI.

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