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Flight instructor certificate reinstatement

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FAA Regulations, Flight Instructor

If I hold an EXPIRED CFI-I, what do i have to do? FAR 61.199

  • (a) pass a practical test for one of the ratings on my CFI license (so basically a CFII checkride only)
  • (b) pass the required knowledge and practical test for the issuance of a instructor certificate and rating (re-do the whole thing)
I'm confused, can anybody give me an explanation with some examples, pleeeeease??

1 Answers

  1. Mark Kolber on Jun 13, 2013

    I’m confused too – where did you get that information? That’s not what 61.199 says. 61.199 gives you the option of (1) a practical (re) test for an existing CFI rating or (2) a practical test for a new CFI rating. That’s 61.199(a)(1) and (a)(2).

    If you’re talking about 61.199(b), that doesn’t deal with expired flight instructor certificates at all. It deals with a much older instructor certification – a flight instructor rating that was added to a pilot certificate. Once upon a time, there was no CFI certificate; instructor ratings were added to pilot certificates. There was, for example, such a thing as a private pilot certificate with an instructor rating. 61.199(b) is saying these are no longer valid, can’t be exchanged for a CFI certificate, and if the holder wants to be a CFI, has to complete the whole process.

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