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2 Answers

Approach Plates

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What is the purpose of publishing almost two identical approach procedures for the same runway?



Below is the link for the above app plates


2 Answers

  1. Eric Dobson on May 31, 2013

    Often it has to do with terrain/obstruction clearance. In this case, notice the Zulu approach has much lower minimum altitudes, but the missed approach requires a minimum climb gradient of 370 feet per nautical mile. The remarks state, “if unable to meet climb gradient, see ILS or LOC/DME Y Rwy 19.” So the Yankee approach is basically the same, it just doesn’t take you in as low, for those planes that couldn’t make the climb back out when going missed from lower altitudes.

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  2. John D. Collins on May 31, 2013

    The Z version of the approach has a lower DA of 1188, but requires a missed approach climb gradient of 370 feet/NM to 2800. The required climb rate is well above the minimum 200 ft/NM standard climb gradient. The Y version uses a higher DA of 1889 MSL, but the missed approach climb gradient is the standard 200 fett/NM. The Z procedure has a note that states: “Missed approach requires a minimum climb of 370 feet per NM to 2800: if unable to meet climb gradient, see ILS or LOC/DME Y Rwy 19.”

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